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The Balcón de Europa is  situated on a rocky promontory and was formerly a fortress designed to keep out British pirates and privateers. Today it is the central point of the town, affording magnificent views up and down the coast.The Balcón de Europa is also the location for various concerts and 'fiestas' throughout the year, including the 'not to be missed' New Year celebrations with firework displays, music and dancing until dawn.Most of the processions through the streets of Nerja, of which there are many, either start, finish or pass through the Balcón de Europa.The Promenade - Paseo Balcón de Europa - is  completely pedestrianised, as are the adjoining streets.

A great family day out for anyone looking to get away from the beach is to walk up the Rio Chillar in Nerja. It is one of the few walks in the area, that is possible during the height of the Andalusian summer. 

The route offers plenty of shade and crystal clear river pools. As you get higher up, there are numerous larger pools for swimming. 

If you carry further up the river you’ll eventually come to a series of waterfalls.

The total distance is about 8 km each way starting from the cement factory. + 2 km from the car parking to the cement factory.

DO NOT attempt this walk if there is a forecast of rain or there have been recent storms.  The narrow gorges (barely six feet wide in places) roar with flash floods during bad weather.  rio-chillar-walk

Cuevas de Nerja are a series of huge caves and home to the world’s largest stalagmite, a 32 metre high column measuring 13 metres by 7 metres at its base.

The Discovery :On January 12th 1959, five local boys from the village of Maro decided to go hunting for bats and headed for a pothole known locally as ‘La Mina’ where they spent the night watching a great number of these creatures exiting through the hole in the rocks. Excited by their find, they went back to tell their family, friends and teachers but it wasn’t until the cave was visited by a medical expert and a photographer that the true extent of their discovery became apparent.

For €15, You can take the cueva tren (see picture) from Nerja to the caves (15 min) and entrance to the caves and Nerja museum.



During the summer period Kayaking along the coast is a very popular activity and undoubtedly the best way to appreciate the beauty of the cliffs and secluded coves of the Acantilados de Maro-Cerro Gordo natural park.

The company that organises the kayaking trips is called Educare Aventura. Particularly in the high season. Bookings can also be made via email at

Educare Aventura is situated at the far end of Burriana beach, just beside the famous Restaurante Ayo - a great place to treat yourself to a well deserved paella afterwards. 

Diving/ scuba/ snorkeling


The Nerja Diving Centre can be found midway along Burriana beach amongst the various bars and restaurants and is a 5 Star PADI instructor centre. It has plenty of activities for you to choose from including snorkeling trips for the less adventurous, starter PADI courses for first timers, Professional courses, night dives and equipment rental. Marine life includes octopuses,conger eels, lobsters, groupers, sunfish, wrasse, scorpionfish, sailfish, swordfish, dolphins, silver fish, nudibranchs, flora, faunaand corals.

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